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Peekaboos Classic Black X Pasties

X-Gen | Eye Candy Based on 6 reviews

Peekaboos Classic Black X Pasties

X-Gen | Eye Candy Based on 6 reviews

Stylish, seductive and classically sexy, both pairs of premium pasties in this fantastic Peekaboos 2 pack look downright drool-worthy, and perform perfectly. Soft and pliable, READ MORE the pretty shapes mold themselves securely to the curves of the breasts, covering the nipples under sheer or ultra low necked clothing or lingerie, as well as during playful sexual situations.

To use, simply peel the pastie from its backing and apply the sticky side toward the skin. Peekaboo's premium adhesive is medical quality and hypoallergenic, designed to eliminate or greatly minimize irritation. People with especially sensitive skin may want to do a patch test before using, otherwise, simply apply and enjoy for up to eight hours.

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Ratings / Reviews
Decent (Anonymous)

Not exactly what I expected but they did the job

Great! (S M)

Makes me feel sexy. I've already used it a few times (and they're still sticky). Drives my boyfriend nuts.

A Classic! (Anonymous)

I go crazy whenever my wife wares a pare of these. Bare breasts (minus nippels) will drive you wild!

Best pasties (Shinju)

Work really great and good quality. You can even reuse them with eyelash glue once they start not sticking well anymore.

Classic! (Gab)

Classic product, stuck well I found! Sexy as always!


Since i have a very small breast size (a) it didnt stick well and ended up falling off after only 5 mins. Very sad but then again its not the products fault, so small boobs should stay away from this lol

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