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Ostrich Feather Body Tickler in Black

Sportsheets Based on 9 reviews

Ostrich Feather Body Tickler in Black

Sportsheets Based on 9 reviews
A full length sensual accessory from Sportsheets, the Ostrich Feather Tickler is an ultra soft way to thrill your lover. There are countless ways you could make use of the Tickler, READ MORE try pairing it with a blindfold and lightly dragging the silky feather over the object of your desire's skin as foreplay, the whisper soft touch will ignite nerve endings as it sets the mood for pleasure to come.

To mix a little sting into all that softness, try flicking the Tickler like a crop, there's a deliciously firm portion just underneath the long, fluttery feather that'll certainly hit the mark. However you choose to use it, this tickler's firm, smooth handle fits perfectly in hand to provide precision control. Total length is about 27 inches including the feather.

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Ratings / Reviews
Great Quality / Well Made (Anonymous)

Great size
Very well made
Top quality
Has a very light touch - almost too light. I can barely feel it in most places and I'm very sensitive. I'm not able to enjoy it as much because I can't feel it when used on different parts of my body like feet, legs, bag.

Ostrich feather body tickler (Anonymous)

Very soft feather; quality product

Great product. (Anonymous)

This product is definitely worth reviewing. I must say in all honesty it was able to bring as much as shivers to a sub willing to try a softer side. A great way to start a roller coaster of sensations. The curve in the feather is great and the way the ostrich feather is naturally spread you can barely hoover over her skin or bounce of and make her anticipate it more and more but never know when she gets it. While the product performed very well I had to rate 4 stars because I still believe there has to be something much more softer out there than this. Would definitely recommend this to anyone willing to tease someone the right way. It s one thing to raise the heat fast and get down to it, a way different one to f**k their mind up in anticipation on the way to it! Try it and be creative!

Feather (Anonymous)

Soft, pretty much what you'd expect

Sensuous fun! (Anonymous)

What better way to get your partner in the mood than, teasing her most sensitive parts with this amazing ostrich feather.

Love it! (Taraneh)

So soft, attractive and fun!

Havin Wayyyyyyyyy 2 Much Fun (Z 4 Fun)

Very Light, Super Soft and with a blindfold simply FUN FUN FUN, and how can you go wrong with the price.

nice piece (Anonymous)

excellent value fir the level of fun

Wow (Awesome husband)

I think I've replaced my penis, this tickler made my wife cum so hard. We use everytime we do the deed, to guarantee a mind blowing orgasm

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