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LoveBath in Ocean Temptations

Shunga Based on 5 reviews

LoveBath in Ocean Temptations

Shunga Based on 5 reviews
Once again revolutionizing sensuality with the latest addition to a breathtakingly luxurious line of bath, body and lovemaking enhancement treats, Shunga's Erotic Art collection READ MORE presents LoveBath, a completely unique bathing experience designed to celebrate and stimulate the senses while promoting closeness and desire.

Much more than a typical bath gel, LoveBath transforms your tub, spa or jacuzzi into a sensual wonderland of color, texture and scent. Added to water, the aromatic, therapeutically color tinted powder dissolves and re-forms into thousands of silky, delicate pearly beads of gel that envelope and caress. Hydrating and softening the skin in anticipation of things to come, LoveBath presents a literal oasis of pleasure.

Simply add to pre-filled tub or otherwise, and swish through the water with your fingers to help dissolve. A second package of powder included transforms the water back to a liquid state, directions included.

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Price: $ 19.99

ITEM: SH-068000 | UPC: 697309068000 | MPN: 6800 (0)

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Ratings / Reviews
Blue Lagoon! (karenshrive@live.com)

Was worried at first that the vibrant blue colour would stain me, and the tub... but it did not!!
Very relaxing, and awesome feeling on your body.
A bit pricey, but enjoyable.

What fun! (Anonymous)

I really enjoy this product, in fact, have bought a few of them! It turns the water into little gel beads that gently massage you while you are in the bath. My husband and I sit in it together and can massage one another and feel the squishy beads between our bodies! It really is a unique experience, we just LOVE it! The clean up CAN be a hassle if you manage to get some outside of the bathtub, but it won't stain anything!

Awesome (Anonymous)

Could easily get 2 baths out of this. Love how it works smells and doesnt stain the tub. Makes the aftermath a good time too!


This is very cool! for the sensation and for your childish heart. Had so much fun that I both it again and again. Great product, work well, clean well (not sure what it does to the environment .. that would be my negative point) If you have a big bath, buy 2, if you really want to be soaked in.

Love it (Anonymous)

Absolutely love this stuff not the first time I buy it and it certainly won't be the last :)

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