The Only Style of Lingerie You'll Ever Need

The Only Style of Lingerie You'll Ever Need

What if I told you that you could only wear one style of lingerie for the rest of your life? What style would you choose?
Honestly, there is no real competition, there is only one clear choice. The one style of lingerie that others tend to pale in comparison with is, the teddy. For those of you who may not know what exactly a teddy is, it’s a style of lingerie similar to that of a one-piece swimsuit. However, a teddy is considered to be sexier and more risque. Many of you will have heard, or probably already own a bodysuit, which similar in style to a teddy but made as dance or outerwear.
Teddies, historically have only been consider bedroom or boudoir attire. A classic piece of lingerie that is a step up from the basics. They typically have an underwire, but aren’t specific to soft or padded cups and often made with sheer mesh, lace or satin. This style has always been considered a given when it comes to lingerie staples. They now are having a surprising comeback aside from the lingerie industry - the ready-to-wear fashion industry. Teddies are being included as the ideal trendy accessory for the everyday look.
Bodysuits, originated as sportswear - think gymnastics or ballet. A one-piece suit made out of lycra or poly-blend with stretch and elastic. Now similar to that of the teddy, bodysuits are being seen on and off the runways layered as clothing. Bodysuits can be either classic and simple in style, or as sexy as a teddy. They differ in their construction as they have no cups.

1. They’re Versatile

Teddies are probably the most versatile style of lingerie. There are so many ways to take the traditional one-piece garment and shake it up. This style of lingerie truly has it all and you can achieve any kind of look that you are aiming for. Are you looking for something sexy and enticing? Then opt for a teddy with cutouts, or maybe one that is sheer.
Super sexy not your thing? Go for a more feminine and subtle bodysuit made out of lycra or even velvet. High leg cuts, dramatic necklines, sexy straps, and the potential for endless cutout placements, and the plethora of fun colors and fabrics, the possibilities are truly endless.

Style Note: Bodysuits have either a snap or hook and eye closures for ‘down there.’ Let’s get real for a moment ladies, none of us want to strip down naked when we need to hit the restroom. This is such a relief (get it?) if you’re layering your bodysuit as outerwear.

2. They’re Stylish

Incorporating lingerie into your outfit is a HUGE trend right now. Women are wearing teddies as bodysuits around town and I can’t lie, it’s really chic, not to mention, sexy.


  • Wear your teddy out dancing with your friends, or for drinks with your S/O
  • Transition them into day time by choosing a teddy that isn’t so sheer, paired with denim, high waisted shorts or a skirt.
With fall right around the corner - now is definitely the ideal time to step up your layering game! Since most teddies can seamlessly go underneath any outfit, layer them with jeans and a motto, blazer or chunky knit cardigan.

3. They're Sexy AF

Let's be real, the teddy is also one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie you can ever own. It covers most of your body which in turn leaves an air of mystery. Unlike other styles of lingerie that can fail to leave much to the imagination, the teddy is the perfect combination of saint and sinner, covering yet teasing because it alludes to what’s underneath without revealing too much.

We can’t get enough of this underappreciated form of lingerie. Although all styles of lingerie bring different strengths to the table, the super flattering and effortlessly sexy teddy has more strengths than weaknesses. There’s a reason it is considered a staple! At the end of the day we all know that the sexiest thing you can ever rock in and out of the bedroom is confidence, but a close second is a teddy!

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