The Flower Power of Love

The Flower Power of Love

We’re all aware that Valentine’s is right around the corner. If you don’t, you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter which would be a downright shame, and you probs live under a rock. Usually the top three gifts for V-Day are, you guessed it, Flowers, Chocolates and Dinner. Instead of those normal gifts, I’m taking the many colors of roses in hopes that you get your true feelings across this February. Sometimes chocolates just don’t say it right and usually dinners are from a fixed menu so this will be way more fun. If you’re shopping for your partner to wear or to wear for your partner, I can 98% guarantee this will make it easier for you.



red rosesLet’s get the RED out of the roses

Classic, red roses are the most undeniable statement and proclamation of love. Some people think that red roses are out of style, being gifted to death by the unimaginative. Not true! There’s something comforting in getting a bunch of red roses. Romantic, gorgeous and a time honored way to say “I Love Your Face” without even needing to say the words. These three pieces will say the same thing, only a little more personal.

White RosesWhiteWhite Roses

Cornering the purity market from the get go, white has had its go-to place down the aisle with brides and wedding dresses. Nowadays though, white roses aren’t just for weddings. They can symbolize respect for another as well as new beginnings, most recently gaining popularity as a gift for special occasions like anniversaries and graduations. But we’re not talking graduations here, we’re talking romance! White lingerie will always be a delicate choice, with more commitment being implied to your partner than red. White conveys pure love, leaning away from the passionate side red provokes. Show your partner your delicate side with these picks!

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Yellow RosesYellowYellow Roses

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be all physical love. No no no. February 14th should really include those we love without the sexual attraction. Your bestie from another testie, or your breast friend, whatever you call them, you are totally allowed to get them something too. Yellow roses are scientifically guaranteed to bring a smile to your favorite person’s face no matter the occasion, but for V-Day, they’re sure to feel your love and appreciation. I hope I get some. (*wink wink office fam!*) You might be thinking, “Sure, flowers are one thing, but what lingerie can I buy?” Let me answer that easy question with these top picks.

Pink RosesPinkPink Roses


Here’s the thing about pink roses. There’s three shades, all of which have a different meanings ‘cause why not... I guess. This kind of reminds me of high school where you could send different colored roses to your crush, buddy or friend anonymously, even though everyone would find out by the end of the day anyway. I got one once. One. Yup. Grade 11. Whoever that was stayed silent but it still got me in the feels. Anywho, we have plenty of pink options for ya!


Dark Pink is usually given as a thank you, or appreciation. As in, “Thanks for being sexy AF!”

Medium Pink for a first love. First loves are fun!

Light Pink to show admiration. Also known as crushing. Hard.

Orange RosesOrangeOrange Roses

My personal favorite even though I didn’t know that orange roses depict passion and energy. Just lucky I guess… Popular opinion has stated that orange is the perfect mix between contemporary and classic, bringing a little sun to brighten someone's day. A florist once told me that orange roses were for love that emerged from friendship so that’s a nice thought! This sounds like the start to a rom-com. As always, we have some awesome pieces to choose from!

Lavender RosesLavenderLavender Roses

For those of you that live in a happily ever after world, Lavender roses are perfect for those ‘Love at first sight’ moments. You should really only get one of these in a lifetime, any more and the rest of us will be super jealous. If you met your significant other from the opposite side of the room with locking eyes, a bundle of these lavender babies is the best way to say I love you. If you met your future significant other on a patio and just never ended up being apart, than these are the pieces for you!

Hopefully now, you’ve found the perfect color to match all the feels you have for your crush, partner in crime, best friend or even for those complicated relationships! Giving the gift of love will never go out of style, so I wish you nothing but the happiest of shopping LACE-ers!