Your Guide To Buying Lingerie

Your Guide To Buying Lingerie

So, you want to buy some lingerie, but where do you start? Like seriously, what is half of this stuff? There's a lot happening and we get it, especially because a lot of lingerie styles have many similarities. Like a corset and bustier, or a babydoll and chemise. We’re totally here to help you out. We’ll be dishing out the 411 on each style and what exactly they are. (so you can put your Googling to rest.)


A babydoll may sound like a childrens toy but it’s not. This style of lingerie is typically made with a lightweight fabric like chiffon and is loose and flowey in the fit with an empire waistline. This is where the bodice of the piece is snug - regardless of the design - and the material flows loosely away from the body from just under the bust line. A simple silhouette, that makes it the most popular style of lingerie for ALL body types. Yes, you read that correctly. It is flattering on all figures!


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Bra / Bralette

There are various styles of  bras: balconette, demi, halter, plunging, longline and so much more.

However, your standard bra is worn to support your breasts, usually with an underwire and a moulded cup. It gives you a lift and is usually worn daily. Now, a bralette is the type of bra without an underwire. They are generally made out of a lighter fabric (like lace or mesh) for comfort and are best for women with a smaller bust (because of the lack of support). They are however, on everyone’s trend list right now!


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A bustier is basically a corset but with shapewear aspects attached. A bustier will give a nice lift to your gals while smoothing down your midsection, but it smooths you down without the hour glass cinch that a corset has. A bustier will usually come with garters attached and in many cases are removable.


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A chemise shares a resemblance to a babydoll in regards to the bust. A chemise is fitted whereas a babydoll is loose and unstructured and will most likely included garters. You might find that a chemise also shares a lot of the same qualities as a bustier! A chemise is usually longer, ending just below the waist to mid-thigh. (Think mini dress but lingerie) This silhouette has many options when it comes to style. Cups, with or without padding or even no cups at all! Backless, strapless, or simply with spaghetti straps and lace cups.


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A corset can either cover your bust or sit right underneath. Chances are, if you’ve seen any kind of Burlesque show or have seen the movie Burlesque, (Yes Cher!) you know what this style of lingerie looks like. It’s usually fashioned with a strong fabric like leather or satin so that is can support the traditionally steel bonding underneath that gives the piece such a rigid structure. (kind of like the waist trainers the KarJenner clan used to wear all the time). Many now have plastic boning that is significantly more flexible and found in more fashion forward styles. Corsets will have that recognizable ribboning at the back that is cinched to bring your figure to an hourglass. There are styles that will have a front bust closure, however this is mainly a stylish feature.


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A teddy is a style of lingerie that covers the entire torso and your... well... lady bits. TBH this style looks exactly like a one-piece bathing suit but is (usually) made out of different, more delicate fabrics. You can also wear this garment as a bodysuit which has become not only super chic but probably the most popular fashion trend for lingerie right now.


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