Ahhhhh bralettes… Where It All Started!

Ahhhhh bralettes… Where It All Started!

Ahhhhh bralettes… You may know them as training bras, but don’t scoff! That’s where they started! Teens and pre-teens have grown up now and stolen the everyday essential to add to their daily wear. The bralette isn't exactly a new concept, it’s been around for decades (since the 1920’s) but all of a sudden they’ve been spotted everywhere and I get it! No wire AND no moulded cups? Uh... yes puh-lease.


Despite the obvious benefits of a bralette, it’s not like you can’t get your hands on a comfy bra. These days you can get bras with a padded underwire for lifting and shaping, although the rigid support is kind of why women are moving on from them. The most popular that we’re aware of is the demi bra. You know the one; the standard bra that can come with a push up factor but keeps it simple across the cups. But comfort can’t be the bottom line, right? I mean, when you take breast size into consideration it’s hard to keep the bralette in regular rotation. If you have a little more junk in the front, (lucky!) the lack of support could be a tad bit uncomfortable because… well, the whole purpose of the bra is to provide support. Amiright? Oh, and also - bralettes have limited sizing options. Lame. They don’t have band or cup sizes, it’s usually your standard smallmediumlarge type situation and I must admit that’s no bueno because we know everyone's bust is very different so that’s also something to think about.


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Putting sizing aside, bralettes are tres chic. They can be worn a gazillion ways on a million different occasions. If you wear a white button-down with a black lacy bralette underneath - hot! And also very Parisian of you! We’ve seen it worn with an open-back shirt or tank. I do this ALL the time. It’s its own style, especially with detailing on the straps, and if it’s a racerback or halter bralette, all the better! You can wear a bralette as a top completely on its own. We love this look with highwaisted anything. It’s a huge trend right now mostly seen at music festivals or clubs. Dancing and jumping around in the moment has never looked so good! That being said though, bras are holding their own where design is concerned, although you’re most likely showing off your bras in more intimate moments. *wink wink* Bras up the cleavage and is a super sexy way to play up your natural assets, not to mention there are a heck of a lot of different cuts, shapes, and structures of a bra: balconettepush-up, demi, strapless, and more! It almost seems like the limit doesn’t exist for all the different kinds of  bras you can find.

You’re probably asking us through your computer, “Ok...but which one is better? Are bralettes better than bras?” My answer for that is going to have to be: No. So that must mean that bras are better than bralettes? Also no! Psych! One isn’t better than the other. They’re both pretty damn awesome and it basically comes down to what kind of girl you’re girls are feeling that day. Besides, we’re not here to tell you what to do. We’re here to give you all the options so you’re never left thinking too much about your boobs.
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