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Ahhhhh bralettes… Where It All Started!
Ahhhhh bralettes… You may know them as training bras, but don’t scoff! That’s where they started! Teens and pre-teens have grown up now and stolen the everyday essential to add to their daily wear. The bralette isn't exactly a new concept, it’s been around for decades (since the 1920’s) but all of a sudden they’ve been spotted everywhere and I get it! No wire AND no moulded cups? Uh... yes puh-lease.
The Only Style of Lingerie You'll Ever Need
Honestly, there is no real competition, there is only one clear choice. The one style of lingerie that others tend to pale in comparison with is, the teddy. For those of you who may not know what exactly a teddy is, it’s a style of lingerie similar to that of a one-piece swimsuit. However, a teddy is considered to be sexier and more risque. Many of you will have heard, or probably already own a bodysuit, which similar in style to a teddy but made as dance or outerwear.